Creating healthy cultures in footy clubs.

Create Lasting Change in Your Club’s Culture

 • On the field      • Off the field      • In each individual

Education and Motivation

  1. Drug and Alcohol Education
  2. Parent Drug Education
  3. Safe use of Social Media and the Internet
  4. Vilification and Discrimination
  5. Domestic Violence and Respect for Women
  6. Well Being – Depression and Anxiety
  7. Responsible Gambling

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Culture and Leadership

  1. Foundations of a Healthy Club
  2. Creating Effective Leadership Teams
  3. Core Values
  4. Building Trust
  5. Responsibility and Accountability
  6. Positive Coaching
  7. Mentoring
  8. Leading in the Wider Community

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SALT’s points of difference:

  • We build on the skills and values that players already show on the field such as sacrifice, courage, preparation, team work, mateship and self discipline
  • All of our units are based on beliefs and analogies from the sporting world
  • We engage the players in meaningful conversations
  • We are punchy, relevant, humorous
  • Every unit is visually stimulating
  • Units are presented by trained teachers who have experienced high level sport themselves
  • Units are based on the latest research and current best practice
  • We are positive not negative. We prefer motivation to criticism
  • Because we are a ‘not for profit’ health charity, our prices are very reasonable
  • We are your club’s best friend

SALT partners with your club to:

tickCreate a strong, healthy, sustainable culture
tickGuide its entire community on to the same page and heading in the one direction
tickAttract more players, families and sponsors
tickDevelop a playing group who are willing to care for each other both on and off the field
tickDevelop proactive and effective leadership teams
tickDevelop a reputation in the community as a positive and caring club
tickCo-ordinate a much wider spreading of responsibility
tickCreate a well structured transition process from juniors into seniors
tickDevelop processes that lead to continual appraisal and improvement


Cameron Ling“Honesty, trust, caring about team mates. This is what we valued at Geelong. These sort of things are what helped Geelong be a successful team while I was there. It’s what I see SALT being able to do for all footy clubs and it’s pretty exciting I reckon.”

- Cameron Ling
(Geelong Premiership Captain)

Foundation Partners

SALT would like to acknowledge and thank our Foundation Partners…

Fraud Watch International