FAQs for sporting clubs

How long do the sessions run?

Most sessions run for 60 mins, though some go for up to 90 minutes. Please enquire at the time of booking for exact run-time of your session.

When is the best time to run a session?

For most clubs, sessions work best immediately after training. We highly recommend having food organised for the group before the session commences.

Can we have girls/boys or men/women in the same presentation together?

The Core Values and Leadership sessions undertaken by member clubs should always include both female and male players if the club has different teams with both genders. The education sessions should generally be run with separate genders as the social issues are often quite different.

How many players/teams can be in the presentation together?

The education sessions have a maximum of 60 players or two teams (for junior clubs).

Can junior teams of different age groups attend the same session?

For junior clubs, there is a maximum of a one year age gap between teams in the same session. For example, we will run a combined session with u14s and u15s, but will not run a single session for U14s and u16s as the life experiences and attitudes vary markedly with an age range of more than a year.

Which presentation would you recommend our club hears first?

Most clubs initially choose the Drug and Alcohol session, however, many elect to do a topic that addresses a specific need of the club. Many clubs go on to undertake a full SALT membership after trialling an education session.

What is the youngest age group that you cater for? What presentation would they have?

We have a great course called Peer Group Pressure and Decision Making on making good decisions that is specifically designed for u11s – u13s players. This is a precursor to our other education units that are suitable for U14s and older.

Can a non-member club do leadership units, or just education units?

Only clubs who undertake a full membership are entitled to the leadership units, however, a club can undertake as many education units as they wish.