June Newsletter

June Newsletter


Dear Friends of SALT,

The month of June has been one of the most exciting months in SALT history!

So much momentum seems to be building, wonderful people have offered their services in very helpful ways and we feel encouragement from every corner.


• Club of the Year – On June 22nd the Knox City Council awarded the Knox Churches Soccer Club “Club of the Year” and the “Health and Wellbeing” awards.President Johann Poppenbeck cited the influence of SALT in achieving these awards.

• We were recently told that a player took action over a potentially suicidal team mate, and cited that he knew what to do because of the SALT Training.

• A few of the clubs participating in the SALT leadership program are seeing significant growth in player numbers due to the improved culture of their clubs.

• Dave B was the keynote speaker at the Victorian Little Athletics Conference in Bendigo.

• SALT GRANDSTAND Club – A month ago we had 5 members, we now have 53 members!!!

• Next Generation Academy – SALT is officially partnering with the Melbourne Football Club to deliver the education component of their Next Generation Academy program.

• Our monthly SALT breakfast was a very celebratory event last Friday morning.

SALT GRANDSTAND members received their SALT footy and their membership numbers and cards. Jeff Gieschen spoke particularly well and the consensus was that everyone would’ve been happy to listen to him for hours!

• The breakfast was held at a café called “Stirr it Up” in 283 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood, and the food was fantastic.

• We delivered approximately 70 presentations in June this year, about 10 more than June 2016. Last year in July we delivered 28 presentations, this year we have 61 currently booked and the total should reach 70.

• We trained 5 new presenters in Bendigo. 3 of these presenters have successfully delivered their first presentations already.

• A number of people from local councils and Health Promotion organisations have beenobserving SALT presentations to gain a deeper understanding of what we do.

• We are privileged to be receiving the support and guidance of Anthony Phillips and the Phillips Foundation who have not only been generous financially but Anthony is assisting us strategically as we proceed towards the next stage of development. Anthony and his brother were the founders of Camp Australia.

• We are also extremely grateful to our amazing supporters, Fraudwatch, The Shine OnFoundation and The One Tree Foundation who have committed to ongoing support in 2018.

• We continue to meet with the Bendigo Bank and get closer to what we believe will be a structured partnership arrangement. They already support many of the clubs we work with.


To continue discussions with both the St Kilda Football Club and the Western Bulldogs Football Club about being involved in their Next Generation Academy Programs. • To continue setting up our independent evaluation process.

• To continue developing relationships and partnerships with local councils.

Thanks for all your support……Dave, Dave and Carissa

“Transforming Australian culture through sport”