Education Units

Each topic is based on the principles of sport and a positive psychology framework to create an enjoyable, non-judgmental environment which generates open and honest discussions. All sessions are interactive, engaging and based on the latest research.

Drugs and alcohol icon - SALT
Drugs and Alcohol

Drug and Alcohol Education – SALT has 4 different Drug and Alcohol presentations that are age appropriate. Level 1 is for younger players (u13s-u15s) and parents are welcome to attend. Level 2 is for older youth using the SALT Live Quiz platform. Level 3 is for the parents of the Level 2 participants and equips them in how to have the right conversations with their teenagers. Level 4 is for senior clubs.

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Wellbeing & Mental Health

This course is largely about having real conversations. It also aims to reduce the stigma that still remains around mental health issues. Participants are offered practical examples of how to best position themselves to avoid mental health problems and are encouraged to ask good questions of their mates and to be open and honest about how they are coping.

Respect for women icon - SALT
Respect for Women

This unit challenges men to understand that disrespecting women, especially in regard to language can sometimes lead to domestic and sexual violence. Men are encouraged to speak up and intervene if they see someone at the club disrespecting a woman by word or action. Women need to be treated as equally valued members of society and it all starts with respect.

Identity and Empowerment icon
Strong is the New Pretty

This girls-only course is designed to empower 14-18 year old girls to challenge the narrow definition of what it means to be a girl. Girls are encouraged to identify their character strengths, to process the messages of society critically and to learn to listen to those within their circle of trust. The lives of 4 incredible women in football are used to inspire girls to use their strengths to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

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Social Media

Participants are encouraged to be aware of both the positive and negative aspects of social media. Issues discussed include: our digital footprints, cyber bullying, pornography, online gambling, and sexting. This is an enjoyable and highly engaging presentation that also provides the essential information required to successfully navigate our current digital landscape.

Vilification and Discrimination icon
Equality is the Game

Sporting clubs can set the standard when it comes to creating an environment of equality and belonging. Sports people who take a stance on discriminatory language or behaviours have the opportunity to influence the wider community towards acceptance of diversity.

Peer Group Pressure icon
Peer Group Pressure and Decision Making

This course, for ages 10-14, discusses our need to belong and the role of the peer group in the decisions we make. It provides young participants with a tool kit to help them resist negative risk taking behaviours such as binge drinking, drug taking and putting others down. Research shows that if young people have rehearsed their responses in these areas before the pressure comes, they are far more likely to make positive life choices.

Positive Coaching icon
Positive Coaching

Times have changed and so have young people. The old fashioned and overused half-time spray just doesn’t cut it anymore. Positive coaching has been proven to elicit greater motivation, resilience, enjoyment and results for everyone involved. Discover a new way of coaching that makes all the difference between a good team and an excellent team.