In 2011 the concept for SALT was born. The founder of SALT asked the question, “Why are many sportspeople, so impressive and committed on the field, yet often so poorly behaved off the field?” With a group of like-minded people, he began discussing how sporting clubs could become agents of cultural change. The group began planning effective education programs to implement within sporting clubs based on the existing core values that are commonly shared on the field such as courage, commitment, teamwork, sacrifice, discipline and respect.


At the beginning of 2015, SALT was launched using fully qualified and experienced teachers, who also understood sporting culture, to facilitate the presentations. It was considered essential that programs be engaging, interactive and empowering. SALT was never to be about ticking a box and then going back to the way things were. SALT’s philosophy was to empower clubs to create a new ERA through Education, Responsibility and Accountability.


In 2016, SALT trialled their Education and leadership presentations within a number of diverse businesses and schools. SALT challenged these organisations; “Is it possible for your organisation/office/year level to function as a team?” SALT has since developed a range of programs for schools and corporations that are highly interactive, enjoyable and all based on the positive attributes of successful sporting teams. The response has been extraordinarily positive.

Dave Burt - Founder and Director of SALT
Dave Burt – SALT Founder and CEO